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    "I was really trying to work on the relationship between Fili, Kili and Thorin, so I wrote a biography a little bit about what happened on the battlefield at the Moria gates when he was fighting alongside his brother [Frerin, who was slain at that battle], and also the conversation that he had with his sister [Dís], who is obviously the mother of the nephews [Fili and Kili], when she was saying to him, ‘Don’t take them to war!’ (I’ve got a feeling Tolkien wrote something about that; I’m not sure whether Tolkien wrote it or whether I wrote it – it’s all morphed into one now!)”

    Richard Armitage on Thorin/Fili/Kili

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    Elvis Presley on the set of ‘Jailhouse Rock’, 1957.

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    Bill Brandt
    Catch point. “Hail, Hell and Halifax” (1948)

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    Glendalough by ellieswellies on Flickr.

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    "do speed god"

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